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Join.me App Review


Join.me is a program/service thats avaiable across PC, Mac and Android.

Join.me is a screen sharing app, letting others see what you’re doing on your machine. Its uses a secure 9 digit code, given whem you set up a session.

It also has the facility to let people who are viewing your screen to use your machine, but only after you give permission.

An excellent use of join.me is for peope whondont know alot about computer maintainence. They can easily set up join.me, give control to a person that knows about pc mantainence, and they can work on your machine, while you watch on, learnng how to fix the issue, and about pc’s in general.

Jon.me is a great and well put together app.

Its available from:

Android Market: join.me
And for your Mac or Windows PC: http://www.join.me

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