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Fuji Finepix S2950 Review

Hey, first blog of 2012.

So, you may know that at Christmas, I became the proud owner of a Fuji Finepix S2950 Digital Bridge Camera. And so far, everything has been good.
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So, some quick stats:

  • 14 MP
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • 720p Recording
  • 3″ LCD (60 FPS)
  • up to 32 GB SD
  • mini HDMI out

So, what do these numbers translate to?
Well, being an avid printer, the 14Mp quality is fantastic. Great definition in in 6×4 prints.

The auto focus is great, backgroud blur is prominent but always complimentary. The Macro and Super Macro settings have fantastic results


720p recording is pretty much a standard when it comes to cameras nowadays, even found in cameras as cheap as €40. The video quality is on par with competetors, but if good audio is what you want, the camera does let it down. Theres a lot of “noise” and quite loud zoom noise, which does ruin most audio, unless your outside. But it still makes a good effort.

The Camera itself is a good size, very well weighted, and great to handle. The grip surface is the only one I’ve seen that actually works, most others are just for show. All of the buttons are within good reach in operation, with no hand shifts needed to reach any Major controls, like zoom, playback etc. The is system menus are also very well laid out and easily navigable, with the options being cut down depending on user mode.

Overall, this camera is one of the best mid price bridge cameras available. It provides near DSLR quality photos, good HD Video quality, and a fantastic user experience. Its good points far out weigh any niggles that crop up, which is a very likeable quality in any product.

Some”show-off” shots: (Click for Full Size image) All shots taken by myself 🙂

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