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Ode to Jake Humphrey

To Jake,

I think that I shall never see

A presenter so, so great as thee.

With ease and skill you navigated,

With Eddie you often mitigated.

From “20-o-9” to 2012,

From highs to climb and depths to delve,

The “beeb” has always have had a guy,

Who even when challenged by Sky,

Did not give in, out or up,

But grew only to be a more lovable pup.

Great fires, winds and rain that hit,

And even the odd gravel pit,

Could not fluster,

Nor could they muster,

Up a rage from Jakeys voice,

Though he never really had a choice,

For he knew his job was live,

And he was never going to dive.

To fall would be a TV nightmare,

That we or him would not like to bare.

Your time with us has been so short,

But your crowning glory is you eff-ort. (pushed the rhyme there)

To put or sadness into words,

Would be an outpouring from the hordes.

The hordes who watched and waited nicely,

The hordes who tweeted, emailed and like ye.

Those who stayed like a meeting quorum,

Until the end of the forum.

For that was the time for which we waited,

With breath described as truly bated.

The end is near but we do not fret,

Because we know that we can bet,

That words like this will run and fly,

for we did not lie idly by.

What is to come is not an end,

Nor the removal of a friend.

Equals to you do equal none,

not in the world of Formula 1.

To end with a humble hand shake,

And to end the mighty, unconquerable Jake.

~The #bbcf1 audience.~

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