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KERS in Formula 1 2012

May 20, 2012 Leave a comment

The 2012 season is well underway, and KERS is again a large part of it. To read the basics about KERS and how it was used in 2011,click the link ->

Now, Gary Anderson. Gary is the Technical Analyst for the BBC in 2012. He has worked with many F1 Teams, like Brabham, Tyrrell, McLaren, Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar. Throughout that,  he spent time working with cars in Formula 3, SuperVee and Formula 3000.

This year, Gary Anderson explains the KERS system, and gets a helping hand from Mercedes GP.

If you want an even more technical analysis of KERS, click here->

For super-indepth analysis of all things technical in Formula 1, go to


@FiveeNilF1 on Youtube ->

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